Where can you hear a Crimson system?

Crimson 710 and 640 Demos!

Crimson CS640E-III Power Amplifiers and a Crimson CS710 Preamplifier.

Visit the new Crimson Products Ltd. website!

Perhaps you've been hearing about the incredible Crimson CS710 preamp and CS640E-III amplifiers for a while and you've been wanting to hear them for yourself.

Here's a list of places where you can hear a complete Crimson hifi system:

But in case you don't have a Crimson dealer near you, we have a complete Crimson Electronics system that's available for in-home demos.

Crimson Amps, Preamps and Audio Cables are the ultimate in "no sound". They're completely natural-sounding and non-fatiguing. All Crimson products are designed to get the most music from your recordings without adding anything. We also believe that there's no better MC/MM phono preamp available today!

Of course, the best way to really get to know the Crimsons is to spend some time with them in your hifi system.

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